Pre-Release Review: Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition

Pre-Release Review: Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition

While hesitant of the small size of this new release (41/2 x 44), I was impressed and pleased by the large composition and flavor of this little wonder.  Oily in texture and aromatic upon unwrapping, this little wonder when first lit brought a unique and nutty flavor.  As with most Perdomos the draw was clean and smooth.  I was taken back by the uncommon, but pleasurable aroma.  This tasty morsel of Cuban seed and Nicaraguan filler surprised me with its unique first draw that continued down to the nub.  The first third was nutty, which is a slang word for insane, and that was my impression of this new release.  Along with it’s uniquely nutty flavor there was a pleasant floral bouquet that made the experience all that more enjoyable.  Half-way through I was waiting for a change, but was impressed with its consistency in draw and flavor.  It’s nuttiness then matured into smooth and deep cedar notes.  Small in size, medium in body, and full in flavor this petit corona is a winner.  This is a limited production and may not be around for long, so give it a try.  If you’re wise you’ll stock your humidor with a box (10 count) to share with friends – or selfishly hide for another day.


Rating: 9.0

Strength: Medium

Price: $5.00

Size: 41/2 x 44 (Petit Corona)

Wrapper: African Cameroon

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan/ Cuban Seed

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