Perla Del Mar: First Smoke

Perla Del Mar: First Smoke

Perla Del Mar: First Smoke

The Perla Del Mar is an upcoming release from J. C. Newman which revives an old brand name from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They will be produced in the Fabrica Tabacos San Rafael factory in Nicaragua which also manufactures Brickhouse and El Baton.

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar will sport an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper as well as Nicaraguan binder and fillers from four different regions; Pueblo Nuevo, La Reina, Condega and Jalapa. All sizes are box pressed with rounded rather than sharp edges.

An attractive, embossed band of blue, white and gold with ships in a harbor stands out against the golden, slightly oily wrapper leaf with aromas of jasmine and rose. The foot has a fresh hay and a light honey scent, while the cold raw reveals wet grass and a bit of mustiness as well as a fairly free draw.

First light gave forth a light sugary sweentness and wet grass and more heat than I care for. Orange blossom appeared in the first third along with a nice creaminess but the smoke stayed a bit hot. The short length and free draw really hampered the experience. The Perla Del Mar didn’t build much throughout the 30 minutes it took to smoke, although the citrus notes did intensify and were accompanied by a dry beechwood. The ash held firmly with no flaky mess and all in all, this was a pleasant smoke.

For those who enjoy lighter, sweet, floral, creamy cigars there might be something here, but Perla Del Mar is not likely to take the cigar world by storm.

Available Sizes Coming Soon:

3.75 x 56

4.75 x 52

6.25 x 54

6 x 60

Prices are slated to range between $4.50-$5.95.

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  1. Peter August 29, 2012 at 11:01 am - Reply

    I think at its price point its an amazing stick.

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