Pedro Martin Gold: A Great Blend for a Solid Price

Pedro Martin Gold: A Great Blend for a Solid Price

It would seem that in the world of cigars almost everyone can trace their company or founder through Cuba. And why wouldn’t you want that connection? Cuba after all is the quintessential symbol of all things cigar. While some of those legendary stories seem a little thin, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to the Martin Family their heritage is as authentic as it comes.  For those new to the Martin family, the patriarch Pedro Martin is an iconic character in the industry. He left Cuba as a boy, worked with a cigar company in Detroit, until he was able to start his own company “Tropical Tobacco” in the late 1970’s. He ran the company until he fell ill in 2001 and had many great successes. One of the blenders he helped along the way is the illustrious Don Pepin. Also, working with his company was his daughter, Maria Martin, who became president and ran the company for her father. When her father’s illness became serious, she sold the company and transitioned herself within the industry to Camacho Cigars.  Ultimately when Camacho came under the ownership of Davidoff in 2008, she left the company and started off on her own journey. The result is the Martin Family of Cigars, which she co-founded with Ammer Cabrera.

The portfolio of the Martin Family is currently sitting at three, and today’s smoke is the Pedro Martin Gold. All cigars in the portfolio are rumored to be creations of Pedro Martin, himself, before his unfortunate passing in 2010. Therefore, in a fitting tribute to the master blender, all cigars bare his name. The Pedro Martin Gold is an Ecuadorian-Connecticut wrapped cigar with a corojo binder, and filler. As I inspected the wrapper I noticed that it was smooth with minimal veins and a strong triple-cap. The tobacco pack is good and the draw is amazing.  For such a tight pack, this is one effortless cigar to puff away on!

One of the first things I notice about the initial cold draw is its sweet floral aroma. This continues in the early smoking experience and really throughout the whole process. As I puff away I notice voluminous amounts of creamy smoke wrapping itself around me as I continue to enjoy the cigar. I could break down the cigar by each section along the way, but its really unnecessary. This cigar, like most good Connecticuts, is consistent and fairly straightforward in its profile. It’s smooth, creamy and only shifts really between two flavor spectrums (in this case a sweet floral note and a barnyard note). I liked it, and it definitely is a cigar worth trying for all of those who are fans of Connecticuts, or of a straightforward cigar profile. So come honor the legacy of Pedro Martin today by enjoying one of his last creations, the Pedro Martin Gold!


Rating: 8.0

Strength: Medium

Price: $6-7

Size: Robusto 5×50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Corojo

Filler: Corojo

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