Cigar News: Sneak Peek at L’Atelier Imports Surrogates Tramp Stamp Band

Cigar News: Sneak Peek at L’Atelier Imports Surrogates Tramp Stamp Band

L’Atelier Imports Surrogates Tramp Stamp Band

Ah, the social media outlets! Manufacturers love to tease information out to their audience through these venues and late Monday night or Tuesday morning depending on what part of the coast your on, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje fame teased his audience on Facebook with a shot of a cigar and wine bottle. The band pictured a butterfly and the Surrogates label of New Havana Cigars fame. The caption on the photo read:

L'Atelier Surrogates Tramp Stamp“About 6000 bottles made a year…..Great 2nd label. The cigar you ask…..Well that’s something special! Coming real soon.”

Now while Pete is playing cryptic and teasing his Facebook audience with the picture, we here at Cigar Brief think we can shed a little light on what cigar this is. Back in the middle of May, when we first broke the news that Pete was forming L’Atelier Imports he talked with us about his continuation of the Surrogates program with Dan Welsh of New Havana. Pete had this to say about the Surrogates line in May;

“the next Surrogate’s line has been discussed as possibly being called “Tramp Stamp or “Super Tramp.” Pete spoke of this line with a twinkle in his eye and commented that it ‘would be a play on his black label” and further stated that it would be  “a fun project to prove that you can get limited edition quality at every day prices and for every day of the week.'”

So with this knowledge in hand it looks like what we are seeing in the picture is the new Tramp Stamp Surrogates band. If one looks closely they can make out a “P” and “ST” on the sides of the butterfly. And being a huge fan of Wedding Crashers I can’t help but think of that awesome scene while they are in the church surveying their prospects and Vince Vaughn’s character spots the lower back butterfly tattoo, which by the way looks conspicuously like the one on the Surrogates band, and says “Tattoo on the lower back. Might as well be a Bullseye.”

So I think its safe to say we are seeing a prototype or finished band of the new Surrogates Tramp Stamp line. So get excited cigar lovers and in the spirit of Wedding Crashers, “Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly!”

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