News: SAG Expands Lines & Reveals New Product

News: SAG Expands Lines & Reveals New Product

News: SAG Expands Lines & Reveals New Product for IPCPR

The annual trade show for the cigar industry is only a month away and that means news about new lines and extensions is starting to flow aplenty. SAG makers of Quesada, Casa Magna, and Fonseca cigars has released their show deals and with it some interesting new info on their upcoming lines. The following are a few of the new extensions and lines you can expect to see from SAG at the show:

Quesada Espana Jalapa: The Quesada Espana was specifically built for the Spanish market, but when the US retailers got a look at it during the 2011 Pro-Cigar festival they begged and pleaded until it got a small limited release in the states. Needless to say the line was a success and the demand out paced the supply of the wrapper leaf, so SAG has created a new Espana Jalapa series.

As SAG puts it, “Unfortunately, the wrapper on the expana is an unusual variety and very rare; it is an arapiraca seed grown in ecuador. this has made increasing production to accommodate the US market impossible; however, we wanted to produce a cigar in the same vein for the US market and have created the Quesada Jalapa. the binder and fillers of this cigar are exactly the same as the espana but the wrapper is a gorgeous claro from the Jalapa region in Nicaragua. Grown in 2002 as an experimental crop by Nestor Placencia, only a few hundred bales were produced and Manuel Quesada purchased the majority of them.”  

Quesada Espana JalapaThe new Quesada Espana Jalapa line will have three sizes:

  • Belicoso (61⁄8 x 52)
  • Prominente (75⁄8 x 49)
  • Robusto (47⁄8 x 50)

 *A 1000 of each size will be produced. Pricing will range from $7.xx-9.xx a stick.

Casa Magna Domus Magnus II: Back by popular demand is the Domus Magnus lines which were critically acclaimed by many and given a best of the best accolade by Robb Report. According to SAG the Domus Magnus Primus and Optimus lines will be back and the only difference will be “a 2007 Jalapa Sungrown wrapper.” The rest of the Domus Magnus line will feature the same great binder and filler.

Casa Magna Colorado Box-Pressed: SAG has the following to say on their new extension to the popular Colorado lines; “A new, beautiful presentation of an already great selling cigar, Casa Magna now offers the Colorado as a Box Pressed and it will come in three popular sizes, packed 20 per box and retail from around $6.95 – 8.95 [a stick].

Box Pressed ColoradoThe new sizes for the Box-Pressed Colorado are:

  • Gordo Real (61⁄4 x 60)
  • Toro (6 x 50)
  • Short Robusto (41⁄2 x 54)
Casa Magna Colorado Gigantor: Adding to the extensive array of sizes already included in the Colorado line is the new Gigantor. According to SAG its “a beautiful 6 x 64 smoke for those who really want to extend their after dinner cigar pleasure.” The anticipated MSRP for the Gigantor will be $8.25.
There you have it folks, the new lines and extensions from SAG. The only projects not mentioned here are the expansions to the Oktoberfest lines which we covered here and the new Tres Reynas lines which Cigar Aficionado announced last week. Also not mentioned is the final Q D’etat line, which will officially be unveiled at the show.



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