News: Pete Johnson Reveals La Dueña Sizes & Pricing

News: Pete Johnson Reveals La Dueña Sizes & Pricing

Every year speculation runs wild as to what Pete Johnson will be coming up with next. This year he has revealed quite a few of his plans including the new La Dueña cigar which he is blending for My Father Cigars,’ Janny Garcia. The cigar, which translates as “the Owner,” is a nod to the fact that Janny Garcia is the owner of My Father and the cigar was made to her preference style.

Fast-forward to April 25,th when Halfwheel wrote their review on La Dueña here and announced that the cigar would be released in four sizes, of which they knew two. The two announced at the time were the petit robusto and petit lancero. While these two sizes mentioned were correct, the information about there being only four sizes is incorrect.

Pete Johnson is in town this week and we were lucky enough to sit down with him for a while today at Fox Cigar Bar in Gilbert, AZ. While chatting with him about many things old and new, including his wine project, we turned to a discussion about La Dueña and found out from Pete that there are in fact five sizes. The following are the sizes and dimensions for La Dueña:

Petit Belicoso:  4 3/4 x 48

Petit Robusto: 4 ½ x52

Petit Lancero: 6 x 42*

Robusto: 5 x 50

Belicoso fino: 5 ½ x 54

**(Pete said with the broadleaf they used to create La Dueña, a slightly larger gauge was needed for the petit lancero size. This larger gauge was purposefully created to allow for optimal airflow in the narrower format).

He also revealed the tentative price points for La Dueña to be between $6.75-8.50 for the respective sizes in the line. Pete of course is really excited about this project and the others  that are coming out this year, including a pretty big one, which we will announce on Monday.



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