News: New 2012 Fuente Lines and Extensions Confirmed

News: New 2012 Fuente Lines and Extensions Confirmed

As the annual kick-off marketing and sales pow-wows are starting to come to a close, it is a time every writer enjoys in beating the bushes and seeing what newsworthy goodies come falling out. Well a few weeks ago we announced some interesting trademark movement on the Fuente front and today we can happily reveal some more confirmed lines and extensions from the Fuente family for the upcoming 2012 year. Without further adieu here’s the lowdown on what we know so far:

Forbidden 13: We had talked about the Fuente Fuente Opus X Five Star, and we are still hoping to hear more about it, but for right now we can confirm that a line called the Forbidden 13 is coming out. Forbidden 13 has been characterized by our source as “dark and heavy” with a Sun Grown wrapper that approaches a Maduro almost in wrapper hue. They will come thirteen to a box and be one of Fuente’s fullest lines to date.

Angel Share: A line that has been confirmed, but not much else is known. However, we can add to the story that it will be an Opus line and it will be reportedly be very light in wrapper color. We can also report that despite its light wrapper, it will still be a fuller cigar and in line with traditional Opus fare.

Aniversario: The Anniversario will be a completely new line for Fuente and at this time that is all the information that we know.

Magnum R 44: The Magnum R 44 will be a 5×47 cigar and will come in nicely presented boxes of 44.

Don Carlos 13 Lancero: The Don Carlos is back and this time it is coming in boxes of 13 lanceros. These lanceros are rumored to be the most potent in the Don Carlos line yet and will be, as our source describes, “also heavy and full bodied.”

Casa Cuba (Update): A new line we already knew was coming this year and can now be confirmed as a take on the classic line from the 60’s and 70’s that the Fuente Family ran with. What is also new and of interest is that the Casa Cuba is a throwback to the family’s roots in Nicaragua, and as such will be created as a Nicaraguan puro.

So that’s where the latest intel stands for now. Hopefully we will be hearing a bit more in the days to come, but as of this moment these are a few of the lines and extensions you can count on seeing released this year to a cigar shop near you.

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