News: J Fuego to Launch 777 Lines in Commuter Format

News: J Fuego to Launch 777 Lines in Commuter Format

Well, it wouldn’t be a Monday without a little bit of industry news and we definitely have a little bit via Jesus Fuego’s visit last week. Earlier this week we announced his new premium line here and will be writing a review on his new maduro later this week. However, Jesus is on a roll and has been working on some new short format cigars for his 777 lines. The following information was given to Cigar Brief during his visit here:

“The cigars will be in all three 777 blends and all hand rolled long fill.  They will be in a very nice glossy cardboard box of 5 (similar to Davidoff packaging). Each box is a different color with 777 embossed on the front.  The size will be 4 1/2 x 38 and they will come with an approximate msrp of $15.  The release date tentatively is Summer 2012, but that could change either earlier or later.”  

So there you have it, one more interesting project from Jesus Fuego is on its way this year. Jesus has definitely been a busy man and we are excited to see all of these projects come to fruition. One thing is for sure, if they are as tasty as his Origen maduro, then we are all in for a treat this year!


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