News from the Factory Floor: Little Monsters Ship Date

News from the Factory Floor: Little Monsters Ship Date


This week has been a whirlwind week down in Nicaragua as we have been looking at the Drew Estate Factory and their operations. One of the great things about Drew Estate is their collegial relationship with the rest of their counterparts in Nicaragua, and one factory we got to go visit today was the My Father Factory.


While visiting the My Father Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua we were given the chance to see some of the forthcoming projects from Tatuaje being produced and boxed their. Walking the My Father floor with Pete Johnson was enlightening and informative to say the least. One interesting piece of information to come off the factory floor was the tentative release date of the Little Monster series. According to Pete, they are making a serious push to have the Little Monsters out to retailers in time for Father’s Day. Of course with the rainy season in full effect in Nicaragua shipping plans can always change, but as of right now the goal is to have them out by mid June.

Of other interest is the news and confirmation of the return of the Old Man and the C. When poking around the box stations I came across the new Old Man in the C Black Edition this year, which apparently will have a different composition than the previous years release. Pete said that they will be coming out eventually and no official date of release has been set yet. The picture to the left illustrates a worker wrapping the new Old Man and the C  Black in its silver packaging.

Update: The Old Man and the C will fall under Pete’s black label lines, being the first culebra in his limited lineup.


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    Looks interesting, love the boxes

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