News: Crowned Heads shows off Headley Grange Box and Band

News: Crowned Heads shows off Headley Grange Box and Band

Crowned Heads Headley Grange Box and Band

Headley Grange Band

Crowned Heads Twitter pic of the Headley Grange band.

Crowned Heads, the brand that has probably exemplified best the power of social media and creating market buzz has been teasing audiences for a while now about their upcoming Headley Grange line.  According to the fellas over at Crowned Heads , Headley Grange is supposed to be a strong full flavor cigar . The new line will once again be made by industry legend Ernesto Carrillo and is slated to be fully unveiled at the upcoming IPCPR.

As stated above, Crowned Heads has been very vocal and active on the social media front. So it really comes as no surprise that much of their new line information has been released through those formats. Today was one of those days, when Crowned Heads tweeted two new photos of their upcoming Headley Grange release. The photos in question depict the band and the new box art for Headley Grange.

Both band and box are straightforward and utilize the same style that Pete Johnson often likes to employ in his designs for Tatuaje. The band and box both have characteristics of the old cuban style bands and boxes. They look great in my opinion and should allow for the cigar to be noticed, but at the same time not be overshadowed by the packaging. Headley Grange has been getting lots of great pre-release press and with the final pieces coming into place it looks like Crowned Heads has another success on their hands.

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