News: Cigar Vice Launches

News: Cigar Vice Launches

In what is seemingly an interesting twist on an old idea is the new Florida based online front of Cigar Vice is apparently a new online retailer for the cigar lover on a budget. What makes them different than the average online retailer, you ask? Well according to them, the difference is the way in which they get their stock. According to a quick conversation we had with them this morning, “Cigar Vice deals only with retailers and makes deals with them to relieve their overstocked supplies of certain items, thus bypassing contracts with set prices by manufacturers.” So in Cigar Vice’s opinion they “are an online front actively trying to help multiple B&M’s relieve their overstock.” This they say also creates a spirit of goodwill with the Brick and Mortars and allows them to get some rare stuff as well as their normal acquisitions as part of their commitment to the B&M’s to relieve their overstock. The following is the press release they sent out explaining their system:

“We don’t believe that great boutique, limited production, and luxury cigars should be contracted to just brick and mortar locations (B&M’s), or price locked through lengthy legal agreements.

After years of working at one of the big online retailers, running our own cigar shops and making the needed contacts in the cigar industry it’s time to change things.

Maybe you can even think of us as your Robin Hood of the cigar world. Our goal is to bring you the lowest prices on the most sought after sticks in the cigar community. Some of these cigars include Opus, VSG, Liga Privada, Illusione and Tatuaje (just to name a few.) doesn’t want you to worry about analyzing months of bidding data, joining a special pricing club, naming your own price or jumping through any other crazy hoops.

Everyday we will list a boutique, usually B&M only cigar, at an amazing price. However we do reserve the right to list more than one great deal in a single day.

First cigar to be listed at 10:00 A.M. Eastern: Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig – $13 each.

Check it out. The cigar community will love it.”

So there you have it an interesting twist on an old idea. For those interested their first deal launches today and is the elusive Feral Flying Pig by Drew Estate.

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