News: Casa Fernandez Plans Line Extensions

News: Casa Fernandez Plans Line Extensions

Its that time of year again in the Valley of the Sun where winter is starting to turn into spring and the reps are starting to bring the principal of the companies around. This week we were fortunate to have Casa Fernandez in town and as Paul Palmer has made his way around to the different retailers he has been asked the ever popular question of “whats next?”

According to Paul Palmer, President of Casa Fernandez no new projects are being announced for the IPCPR at the moment, but there are a few extensions being planned. The first is one that has already been somewhat known  for a while, and that is the expansion of their popular JFR 7×70 corojo line into a 7×70 maduro version. Up to this point it has been talked about, but it can now be confirmed that they are resting and almost ready, and according to Palmer will be shipping later this year. The next bit of news is the expansion of their Reserva Miami line. This line will be seeing at least two extensions to the line and will also be also coming out later this year.

So thats it for now, we will continue to update the story as more becomes known about the size extensions and release dates of these cigars.

Update: The new maduro 770 will sell for an MSRP of $7.99 and be available later this spring.

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