La Flor Dominicana Set to Release LG Small Batch IV

La Flor Dominicana Set to Release LG Small Batch IV
Christmas has come a little bit early this year to a few select retailers across the country. Now shipping to select locations are the much anticipated La Flor Dominicana Small Batch IV Litto Gomez Diez cigars. Word on the street in Phoenix, AZ is that Gilbert’s Fox Cigar Bar will be part of this first shipment, so if you are looking to find them in the Valley of the Sun give Fox a call. The following is a press release from La Flor detailing this special limited release:

La Flor Dominicana will introduce the fourth in a series of “Small Batch” Litto Gomez Diez cigars. This limited production item is sold only to selected “Appointed Merchants”These cigars are very special, made with tobaccos that are the cream of the crop. The tobaccos in these cigars are hand selected by Litto Gomez and are considered the “best of the best”. Initial release of fifty boxes will be in December with future shipments expected in January, 2012. Total production will be about 250 boxes.

Name: Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch No. 4

Size: 52 X 7 inches

Packaging: Cedar Cases of one hundred and five cigars

Body: Full

Blend: 100% Dominican Puro

Wrapper: Dominican Pelo de Oro, grown on our farm in La Canela

Binder and Filler: 100% Dominican, grown on our farm in La Canela

Vintage: 2006

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