Jason’s Top 5 Cigars of 2012

Jason’s Top 5 Cigars of 2012

Jason’s Top 5 Cigars of 2012

There’s nothing quite like the holidays to disrupt the best laid plans.  The CB staff hoped to have all of our top 5 cigars of 2012 articles in before the New Year, but that obviously didn’t happen.  In any event, 2012 was quite a year for the cigar industry with loads of new companies being formed, brand expansions, and dozens of new and fantastic blends.  Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in the world to get to them all.  So with that in mind here are the picks, in no particular order, for my top 5 cigars of 2012.

top 5 cigarsOld Man and the C by Tatuaje

Packaged in a stylish wooden coffin containing 3 cigars wrapped torcedor style and a single tatuaje black, the Old Man and the C brings together a cigar rolling tradition with, a modern twist.  The twisted style may seem like a gimmick, but in actuality, this feature allows the cigar to rest quite comfortably in the mouth, almost like a pipe.  Available as a limited release, the Old Man and the C retails for around $27.00 a box, and let me tell you, this little box packs a ton of quality and taste for the money.

top 5 cigarsMelanio Serie V by Oliva

Boxed pressed and gorgeous, the Melanio Serie V has become an international success.  Featured on the front pages of numerous retail sites all over the world, Oliva has hit it out of the park with this one.  The Melanio is a medium to full body smoke that features a nice balance between leather and spice.  I’ve had several of these now and each has been flawlessly constructed resulting in a near perfect draw.  Available for around $10.00 – $12.00 a stick, this cigar is worth every penny.

top 5 cigarsTres Reynas by My Father Cigars

A testament to the growing number of successful women in the predominantly male cigar industry, the Tres Reynas is a collaboration designed by My Father’s Janny Garcia and Raquel and Patricia Quesada.  A medium to full bodied smoke, the Treys Reynas made quite an impression amongst the CB staff with its rich and slightly sweet fruit notes. This cigar’s unique and well balanced profile combined with its affordability (about $8.00 a stick) make this cigar a must try for 2012.

top 5 cigarsMi Amor Reserva by La Aroma de Cuba

The Mi Amor was one of the more talked about and critically acclaimed cigars debuted at this year’s IPCPR.  The Mi Amor is a full bodied smoke with tons of delicious flavor.  Its potent wood note profile is intermingled with a perfectly balanced sweet aroma making this cigar a delight to smoke all the way down to your fingertips.  Available for around $8.00 a stick, this cigar deserves all the acclaim it’s garnered thus far.

top 5 cigarsLa Grande Classe by Illusione

Although produced as a very limited small batch blend, this is one cigar that’s worth the effort it takes to track down.  As one of only a handful of smokes to receive a full 5 star rating by our staff, the La Grande Classe is a perfect example of a cigar that stands out despite its incognito packaging.  Arriving in a small cardboard box with each stick lacking a band, this cigar is all flavor and no frills.  With an excellent draw and notes of cocoa and figs, the La Grande Classe is a rare and delicious treat.


  1. Cigar Inspector January 19, 2013 at 1:19 am - Reply

    Nice and original selection, and a very refreshing one to see. I have only tried the Melanio out of your list, will have to hunt for the other ones!

    • Jason Schwartz January 20, 2013 at 9:07 am - Reply

      Thanks CI, with all the great sticks out there, it’s tough to nail down just 5. If you can find the Tres Reynas, make that your next stick, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Guy Buscema January 21, 2013 at 11:17 am - Reply

    Dear sirs,
    Where are the real cigars, Where are the Cubans ????????

  3. Mr Bill February 12, 2013 at 8:08 am - Reply

    Would have to agree Jason. Have tried and enjoyed all but that particular Illusione. Some cigars I have enjoyed that I would include, but it would be hard to remove any from that list.

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