J Fuego Makes Changes & My Father LE Gets a Ship Date

J Fuego Makes Changes & My Father LE Gets a Ship Date

J Fuego Makes Some Changes & My Father LE Gets a Ship Date

A few interesting pieces of news have floated across the Cigar Brief desk this weekend. Two pieces of news pertain to J Fuego, one piece in regards to  their Grand Reserva Corojo and other piece has to do with Fuego’s triple seven maduro line. The other piece of news pertains to My Father’s Limited Edition and its anticipated ship date.

J Fuego:

J FuegoEarlier in the week Jesus announced internally, via email communication, that he would be making some changes to his Grand Reserva Corojo No. 1 line. According to the communique Jesus cites the change as being necessary due to a shortage of certain aged tobacco components. The following is his full statement on the Grand Reserva Corojo No. 1:

“The aged inventory of some of the materials used in this blend is running low. As a result we have decided to replace this line with a new one that is very similar in profile and equal (if not better) in quality. Obviously it will come in a different and more attractive packaging.”

So it looks like the Grand Reserva line is getting a complete redesign including its packaging. Whether or not it will take a different name down the line is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure and that is we are excited about it and looking forward to seeing what Jesus does with this great line.

The second piece of information is in regards to his triple seven maduro line. Jesus will be redoing this line as well and mostly in the same fashion as the Grand Reserva Corojo. Jesus sites his reasons for this line revision below:

“A similar process is being done to this line [777 Maduro] but in this case the reason is that we just want to improve the blend and packaging of it.”

More on this and other J Fuego will hopefully be forthcoming when he comes to town later this week for Fox Cigar Bar’s Foxtoberfest.

My Father:

J FuegoOne other little tidbit of news came out recently and that was in regards to the upcoming My Father Limited Edition. When Jose Ortega was in the Valley of the Sun a few weeks ago he told our own Paul Buza that the My Father LE was due to ship the first week of November. He also went on to confirm that the cigar is identical to last year’s release in size, number of cigars in the box and its blend composition including the use of Pelo de Oro.

So get excited My Father fans the new LE is coming soon and will be landing in November.

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    Very exciting news on both. Need to try them to verify though!

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