IPCPR Update: Elogio Cigars Serie LSV

IPCPR Update: Elogio Cigars Serie LSV

While walking the showroom floor at the IPCPR I ran into some new friends from Outland Cigars.  During our conversation we not surprisingly began comparing notes about the show and which companies had delivered some of the best creations in this year’s “new release lineup.”  Surprisingly to me, the discussion quickly began to center around a company I had been previously unfamiliar with, Elogio Cigars.  Now Elogio is not new to the scene, but rather have produced such a limited number of sticks each year (3,500 to be exact) that they are exceedingly difficult to find in most store’s humidors.  They only use select Nicaraguan long filler tobacco grown in Candega and Jalapa.  Currently available in three incarnations, the Serie Habano, Serie LSV, and the newly released Exhibiciones, each one is a testament to the passion that the Elogio family has for the fine art of cigar crafting.  The master blender of the tobacco is one man most cigar enthusiasts should know by last name, Carlos Pereda Robaina.  That’s right, the grandson of the legendary Alejandro Robaina.  Honorably, instead of loudly announcing that particularly amazing connection with the past, he chose to basically be a silent partner, wanting his cigars to be hailed for what they are rather then who created them.   The LSV is one of their newer sticks and one that the Elogio family is extremely proud of.  The LSV is personally grown by Carlos and his uncle in Somoto where the soil is extremely rich and fertile. The land is unique due to the volcanic ash deposits yielding an excellent and uniquely shaped tobacco profile.  The downside to this Garden of Eden is that the 7 acre farm sits extremely low in the Somoto valley and therefore is affected by both seasonal and unexpected flooding.  As if that weren’t enough trouble, the roads to and from the farm are treacherous and rarely safe for travel.  Despite the unknowns and the rough conditions the Elogio family has managed to persevere and produce an amazing product.

Let me just start out by saying that the Serie LSV is one hell of a stick!  The Somoto Wrapper is gorgeous and dark with a small statured and humble band.  The smoke starts of spicy and peppery, but quickly mellows into a noticeably woody almost leathery flavor.  Shortly after the leather profile dominates the smoke and finishes with a pleasant mellowness.  The stick burned perfectly with little to no correction and the ash was rigid and white with few burn lines.  The draw was fairly effortless and produced a nice full cloud of smoke upon exhale.  All in all, this is an incredible stick that is currently still flying under the radar despite the fact that this is Elogio’s second tour with the IPCPR.  It may be hard to come by ,but trust me, it’s worth the effort.  Hopefully Elogio’s projections to expand will continue along with their well deserved accolades.

Rating: 9.00

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Somoto
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

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