IPCPR: Day 1- Pre-Show

IPCPR: Day 1- Pre-Show

Its three in the morning and I will probably look at this piece when I wake up in a few short hours and cringe at the typos, but in the quest to send you up to date intel about the show as quick as we get it, here are a few interesting tales and notes from the evening…

Drew Estate Undercrown: We got to try it and its definitely different from the Liga T-52. The cigar has more of the sweet floral note that the MUWAT has, but the stick also has a heck of a lot of spice, at least the one we smoked. We will definitely be doing a full write up on this cigar down the line.

Casa Miranda (Nestor Miranda & Willy Herrera Collaboration): Another stick we were looking forward too was the Casa Miranda. It was  great cigar with a consistent profile that mostly had a dry floral note to it. The construction was excellent and the draw was quite effortless. Once again this is just our first impression and we will be adding a more full review down the line.

Torano Comments Unofficially about the Sam Leccia Controversy: We ran into the Torano clan tonight at the Venetian and took a moment to talk to one of their representatives. While he said he couldn’t say a whole lot, he did say that it was a case for the courts to decide and that there are definitely two sides to the story. He also went on to state that they look forward to working with Leccia when the courts settle the issue.

Gran Habano STK Zulu-Zulu:

As tricky as always, Gran Habano has saved an interesting morsel of information about their STK line Zulu Zulu for the show, which is the Zulu Zulu blend will be coming in two different wrapper formats. One will have the Connecticut wrapper while the other blend will utilize a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper. This makes sense, considering the pictures out so far have shown two different colored box lids.


Well Cigar fans that’s it for now! Check back with us tomorrow as we continue our coverage of the bedlam that is known as the IPCPR!

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