IPCPR 2012 Day One Quick Recap

IPCPR 2012 Day One Quick Recap

IPCPR 2012 Day One Quick Recap

Latelier BundlesSo the events of the IPCPR day one have concluded in Orlando and according to our boots on the ground, it was a good show with ton’s more on the way tomorrow.  Without further adieu here’s a quick recap of what grabbed our interest.

La Aurora Cien Annos

According to our reporter, the new La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva by Ashton and the Aganorsa Maduro by Casa Fernandez were both “nothing short of amazing.”   Ashton has also introduced a new bundle that’s going to retail for around $3.00 a stick.  It’s going to be available both in a sun grown and a Connecticut.

Also in line with the value cigar is the new bundle releases from L’Atelier Imports. L’Atelier, produced by the maker of Tatuaje, Pete Johnson has released two new bundle lines called Trocadero and and El Suelo. Both of these lines should be sub five dollars and according to our correspondent Paul, “are a real value and pretty darn tasty for the price.”

Aroma de Cuba Reserva LineDrew Estate’s booth proves that they have poised themselves to transition more heavily into the mainstream cigar market, cautiously bracing themselves for possible government restrictions on their flavored lines.

It seems as though the markets palate may be leaning more towards milder smokes in the coming year as there were a ton of companies debuting Connecticut wrapped vitolas with price points being a central focus.




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