Interview with an Artist: David Gerena

Interview with an Artist: David Gerena

 Interview with an Artist: David Gerena

We here at Cigar Brief love looking at all the different ideas that spring up from people’s passion for cigars. Cigars, like many things, can be a source of inspiration and in the case of David Gerena it has led him to paint. David Gerena is an Urban Artist who has been inspired by the cigars he smokes and has been producing some great art around them. We got to catch up with this talented artist recently and the following is our interview with him: 

Cigar Brief : All things have their beginnings, what were your beginnings in the world of Art?

David Gerena (David): I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life. I’ve mentioned publicly in the past how as a kid Marvel Comics and The Flintstones were big influences. As far as the “Art World” I’d have to say my handball court murals in Hell’s Kitchen NYC under the graffiti name KAOS were what opened the doors.

That led to The night club The ROXY in NYC having my art on their walls. Those were some crazy times.

There have been many things since then, more on a commercial level. I never had an interest in putting my work on canvas until recently. I took a whole two years working on canvass, honing my style to where it is today.

Cigar Brief: Starting off with Urban art and than transitioning more into your more recent work, would you say there is one particular style you like to employ?

David: The graffiti I do shows my city roots through the grit of the concrete jungle. The dripping of paint, the scraping of the paint on the rough surface, all show that gritty NYC vibe.

My current style is somewhere between truth and fantasy. I’ll take images and bend them through the realism or lines of the subject. If you had to categorize my style I’d say expressionism, my personal expression of the image. My technique I employ would be the use of somewhat pixelating the images. Sort of like taking an image on a computer and zooming in close to where you start to see the squares that make up the image.

Cigar Brief : What got you intrigued in doing cigar art specifically?

David: Being a cigar aficionado I think it was inevitable [Laughs]. I’ve been smoking cigars since 17.

Cigar Brief: Do you have a favorite brand of cigar that you like to paint?

David:  There are too many cigars that I like, and I’m discovering some really good ones lately. Through my cigar art I’m meeting a lot of cigar brothers who are recommending good ones.  It’s getting harder to decide but those aren’t bad decisions to have.

Cigar Brief: Tell us about your most recent work of art?

David: Funny your choice of words “Work of Art”, one of my favorite Fuente cigars. I recently finished a portrait for Liana Fuente of Arturo Fuente Cigars. I’m real happy the way it came out, and she loves it. I’m planning on shooting a short video showing some details in the painting and why I painted it the way I did.

Cigar Brief: What’s next on the horizon for you and your work?

David: To continue painting. painting is my passion, there’s a freedom I feel when I’m painting and smoking a fine cigar.

 I mentioned to Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. about painting a mural for and with the kids in the Dominican Republic, he said he’d love to…

Cigar Brief: Do you have any commercial ambitions to create band or box art for the manufacturers?

David: That would be cool, I’m sure I could create something unique. If it’s a good cigar I’d put my art on it.

Cigar Brief: If our audience wishes to learn more about you and your work where can they get more information?

David: I’m always posting pics of what I’m working on on Facebook. I try to involve the viewer in the process, so when I’m painting I’ll take pics as I go. I also shoot video of my paintings progress and post those on youtube with links to them on Facebook.  My Facebook page address is and my website for my artwork

We just want to thank David for his time and passion. His artistic works are truly enjoyable and a must see for all those who love art and cigars. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days and months as David continues his artistic journey, I know we will.


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