Illusione Plans Line Expansions

Illusione Plans Line Expansions

Illusione Plans Line Expansions

illusioneIllusione is a line often shrouded in mystery and wrapped up in the same conspiracies they like to showcase in their product lines. Dion Giolito, founder and mystery man behind the brand likes to often remain mum on the future of his different lines. Well let the speculation and mystery abound again, Dion recently made mention of a new line for the masses at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas.

Enter the Rothschild, at least that is the name currently associated with the new Illusione project. According to multiple sources at the Big Smoke, Dion was candidly chatting about a new project called Rothschild. The Rothschild is a project meant to be aimed at all those who may not know about his current portfolio. To that end the Rothschild is meant to be a value priced cigar that will be available to not only the B&M, but also the online marketplace.

The Rothschild is rumored to be around $4.00 a stick and will come in boxes of 50. Other rumored aspects about this cigar is that it will most likely ship at the end of the first quarter. Some may also wonder if it will be short filled or long filled and according to the sources that were privy to the discussion, it will be long filled Nicaraguan tobacco.

So why a $4.00 price point stick for the B&M and the online market? Well according to my sources it has a lot to do with expanding his brand’s presence. Illusione has been a hot boutique line and Dion now seeks to expand his loyal following by creating a great cigar at an affordable everyday presence.

Now with all that being said, take this report with a grain of salt. Dion likes to keep us guessing, and he always likes to play things close to the vest. Many of these details may change, but of course we will continue to keep our ears to the ground for more information as it may surface.


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