General Announces Cohiba Edición Diamante

General Announces Cohiba Edición Diamante

General Announces Cohiba Edición Diamante

Cohiba Diamante TubeA cigar that I’ve personally been curious about since the last IPCPR is the Cohiba Edición Diamante. Last year it was set to be released in a $4,000.00 humidor set and this year it has finally come to the masses, albeit not cheaply. This cigar is set to have an MSRP over twenty dollars so its definitely going to be an “enjoy once in a while stick,” but it certainly has all the pedigree and potential of being something truly special. Time will tell for sure if it is, but I for one am really excited about trying this cigar when it comes to market.

Luxury cigar smokers will soon have the chance to own one of the premium cigar category’s most treasured blends, thanks to the debut of two new frontmarks from the coveted Cohiba Edición Diamante collection.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for Cohiba remarked, “Cohiba Edición Diamante made a big splash at the 2011 IPCPR show. Discriminating smokers spent thousands of dollars for the privilege of possessing the rare Cohibas. Due to overwhelming demand, we are releasing an extremely limited allotment of two phenomenal new frontmarks.”

Enrobed in a precious Cameroon wrapper tobacco from the 1980 crop, Cohiba Edición Diamante boasts one of the most extraordinary leaves ever cultivated. In the past three decades since this outstanding tobacco was harvested, these rarified leaves have been nurtured and masterfully handcrafted.

To honor the well-balanced, refined taste of the 32-year-old wrapper, General Cigar’s team of cigar masters worked tirelessly to create the optimal blend for Cohiba Edición Diamante.  A proprietary Dominican Piloto Cubano blend bolsters the subtly complex taste of the elegant wrapper which enrobes an Indonesian Jember binder. To taste this cigar is to experience the art of cigar making at its finest: a fragrant aroma opens to a delightfully balanced smoke with nuances of cinnamon and toasted wood.

Created to celebrate the exceptionally rare wrapper, Cohiba Edición Diamante Robusto measures 5” x 50. The cigars are individually protected in wooden coffins and displayed in handcrafted mahogany boxes. Individual Robusto cigars can be acquired for a suggested retail price of $22.00, and will be sold at $220.00 for a ten-count box. Sister frontmark Cohiba Edición Diamante Toro is a 6” x 54 smoke which is encased in crystal. Each cigar will be available for a suggested retail price of $25.00. Cohiba connoisseurs can purchase a handsome mahogany box containing ten Toros for $250.00.

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