Exclusive: Tatuaje Little Monsters Set to Have a Collectors Card in Each Box

Exclusive: Tatuaje Little Monsters Set to Have a Collectors Card in Each Box

The Monster series is perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year when it comes out each Halloween time. This year should be no different and to raise the bar a little higher Pete Johnson of Tatuaje has gone back this year and made all of his past Monster’s into little monsters to offer his loyal audience a chance to fall in love again with his ghoulishly delightful limited production series.

The new set will feature all of the old favorites and add this year’s new stick to the pack as well: the Mummy. As of right now the known details are that they will come in a box set, which should retail for around $75.00 at your local B&M. Also known are the sizes, which are the following:


Mini-Mum: 5 ¾ x 42

Wolfie: 5 ½ x 48

Baby Face: 4 3/8 x 50

Lil’ Drac: 5 x 48

Frank Jr: 5 5/8 x 44

Cigar Brief however, can now confirm one other fun piece of information about the Little Monster Series and that is each box will come with a trading card. For those of you old enough to recall there were the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that came out in the mid 80’s that depicted cartoon kids with abnormal features. The Little Monster cards will be in the same vein albeit less grusome and will come one to a box. There is even a rare 200-card run of a special foil stamped card that depicts Baby Face with a special Pete Johnson twist.

Needless to say the Little Monster set was already set to be a highly prized summer affair, but now there is the added bonus of trying to collect all of the Mini-Monster cards to entice you one step further. We can say that we have seen photos of the cards first hand and they are quite a bit of fun, so be prepared for some Willy Wonka like madness when you start your hunt for the elusive Baby Face card!

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