Exclusive: Gran Habano to Release STK Zulu Zulu!

Exclusive: Gran Habano to Release STK Zulu Zulu!

The IPCPR is drawing near and new lines are being leaked and revealed almost daily, as we get closer to the show. Recently, we got to spend some time with the guys over at Gran Habano. While enjoying some cigars with them, we had a great discussion about the upcoming year in cigars and what surprises they had for us in the release of their STK lines.

The first piece of news is that STK Opium will not be the center of the show, but rather their second STK line Zulu Zulu. All STK lines, as we have learned, will be unique and limited run productions. This is not just another gimmick by a cigar company to use the hyperbolic statements of “exclusive” and “limited,” but rather instead a true statement. Every STK line is limited, because the tobacco is especially selected for the line and unique and limited in resource. Furthermore every vitola size chosen for the STK lines is hand picked to complement the tobacco profile in the line. Finally, the last bits of info that makes these blends unique is that they are a one-time production without product details ever being announced. George has stated that they will reveal the wrapper, but they will not reveal their filler or binder combination, thus adding to the mystery.

While the Opium is still coming and promises to be an intriguing line, the main focus of the Show will be the Zulu Zulu. The Zulu Zulu’s blend history is an interesting one, in that it is a special blend of George Rico. Anyone who has had the good pleasure of spending time with George has often seen him pull his own specially blended cigar out for himself, and some times a lucky guest gets to enjoy one. George loves his blend and has decided to grace us with a special treat in the Zulu Zulu. So what can we say about the Zulu Zulu? Well, it has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and will come in a lancero vitola. Its production will be out of their Honduran factory, and will likely be the last STK line including the Opium that gets produced there, before they switch to their new Miami “La Joya del Valle” factory. Lastly, it will release at a nine-dollar price point.

All in all, it tastes great and we will have a more fleshed out review in the days ahead concerning our take on the cigar. There are many reasons to be excited for the IPCPR and the upcoming year in general, but I can tell you it just got a whole lot more exciting with the releases planned by the fellas at Gran Habano!


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