Cigar Review: Villiger Longfiller 1888 & La Libertad

Cigar Review: Villiger Longfiller 1888 & La Libertad
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  • La Libertad
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It’s always a pleasure to try something different regardless of what you may or may not know about a manufacturer.  Prior to a few months ago I was unfamiliar with a European cigar producer called Villiger based out of Switzerland circa 1888.  Last night I had an opportunity to sample a pair of their finest creations, the villager 1888 Longfiller and the La Libertad.  Both cigars were high quality, solidly constructed and pleasant examples of Villiger’s adamant attention to detail.

First up to bat was the 1888 LongFiller.  Wrapped in a dark tan Ecuadorian leaf, the Longfiller had an earthy aroma with a slight barnyard scent.  The cigar uses a combination binder and filler consisting of tobaccos from both Central America and the Caribbean.  The construction of the 1888 was excellent with only a few noticeable blemishes near the foot.  At ignition the draw took a bit of extra effort, but relaxed and became far more manageable about halfway through the smoke. The flavor profile was mild to medium with notes of both leather and a subdued sweetness that fades from start to finish.  Overall, the 1888 Longfiller was a good cigar for those who like a consistently medium body smoke that won’t become overbearing.  Although I tend to prefer a bit more complexity, the 1888 will certainly get the job done.


The second in my Villiger taste test was the critically acclaimed La Libertad.  Designed to be a cigar that upholds the traditions found in Cuban cigar manufacturing, the Libertad was easily my favorite of the two.  Sporting a Habano seed wrapper and comprised of a combination of  Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos grown in Peru, the Libertad is a solid medium to full bodied smoke that is full of spice and complexity.  The Libertad’s draw was a bit tight like the Longfiller and required a bit of tinkering before it loosened.  The last third of the cigar grew to be a bit harsh, but thanks to the rich and full smoke the vitola consistently produced, the degradation is barely worth mentioning.

It’s clear that Villiger is a company driven by quality and determined to infiltrate all cigar markets the world over.  With products like the 1888 and even more so with the La Libertad, it looks as though success is nearly a certainty.  If forced to make a choice between one or the other, I highly recommend giving the La Libertad a try. Priced between $7.00 and $9.00 respectively per stick, neither one will break the bank, but the depth of flavor and richness found in the La Libertad truly reigns supreme.



  1. acigarsmokerpeter January 23, 2012 at 9:15 am - Reply

    The longfiller sounds a bit tame for my taste, but the La Libertad sounds like something I’d enjoy trying out. Great review Jason loved it.

    Peter G

    • Anthony C. January 25, 2012 at 2:14 pm - Reply

      Thanks Peter! The Libertad is definitely the better of the two cigars and for our money one of the better priced full bodies you can find in the sub-seven range.

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