Cigar Review: The Avo Domaine #10

Cigar Review: The Avo Domaine #10
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If the name Avo Uvezian doesn’t mean anything to you yet, then it’s time to get familiar.  A world famous jazz musician and former student of the renowned Juilliard School in New York City, Avo Uvezian took his expertise and passion for music and directly injected it into his second great passion; creating fine cigars.  The story goes that following a meal in Switzerland, Avo smoked a Cuban cigar but was displeased due to the vitola’s price.  It was at that moment that a friend with Avo at the time convinced him that he should produce a better cigar for less.  Two years after initially embarking on his journey to create the perfect cigar for the perfect price, Uvezian purchased a production facility in the Dominican Republic and with the help of Henke Kelner, a legendary Dominican cigar blender, the Avo cigar company was born.

Last night I sampled the Avo Domaine # 10 thanks to the folks over at BnB Tobacco in VA. With an Ecuadorian wrapper that’s been twice fermented, the medium to full bodied smoke uses Dominican tobacco for both the binder and filler.  Produced at the Tabadom Factory, the Avo Domaine is definitely one sharp looking cigar.  With an oily and rich brown wrapper the vitola’s excellent construction is a true testament to the skill of the Tabadom hand rollers.  Once the cigar is lit the first and most noticeable aroma to manifest was a rich leather note followed by a moderate floral overtone.  The draw of the Domaine was relatively easy and better than I initially expected resulting in a full and rich plumb of a smoke.  The nearly snow white ash of the vitola was dense and firm and required little to no extra correction during its steady burn.

At about the halfway point the Avo Domaine’s floral profile begins to subside and yield to the rich and full leather notes.  All in all, it would be an understatement to say that Avo Uvezian had succeeded in his attempt to create a great stick for a great price.  The Avo Domaine is a bargain at any price and worthy of your attention if you haven’t tried one yet. So don’t delay and go find out today why a cigar designed by a true living music legend deserves to join the ranks amongst the best of the best cigars in your humidor!

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