Cigar Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters Mini Mum

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters Mini Mum
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Tatuaje Little Monsters Mini Mum

The Tatuaje Little Monsters series has created all the buzz one would expect from a limited release, Pete Johnson, offering so I won’t waste your time front loading this review with a bunch of crap that you probably already know.

This miniature version of the Tatuaje Mummy appears well rolled with a triple cap and uncircumcised foot. The wrapper is pale, medium brown with very little sheen and just a slight aroma of tobacco flowers and milk chocolate. The pre-light draw tasted musty with a varnish back note.
Little Monsters Box Set


After applying the guillotine and slowly toasting the foot, I was greeted by relatively free draw and consequently, a cloud of smoke. My first impression was dry and a bit harsh with some white pepper and cardamom but almost devoid of any sweetness. The ash was a very light grey and held on well, despite an issue with the wrapper peeling away. After the first third the harshness subsided and the smoke became richer and fuller, a solid medium at this stage. I normally love the corona format for it’s tendency to concentrate flavors but Mini Mum wasn’t following that trend. At the half way mark what few distinct flavors that were there had built slightly along with the addition of some saltiness but the smoke lacked the classic Nicaraguan spiciness that I usually enjoy in Pete’s blends. The heat picked up as well, masking what flavor was there.

Then in the last third the cigar came to life, as is it had risen from the sarcophagus after some whispered chanting from the scroll of the dead. The spice that I had been yearning for finally began to assert itself and the cigar became much more enjoyable. Now some sweetness joined the spice and for at least an inch or so, I was getting the full Tatuaje experience!Mini Mum 2

Too little too late. This wasn’t a bad cigar. In my opinion, it was just the wrong size for this blend. With more length and girth ( that’s what she said), this combination of tobaccos would probably shine.


  1. phil panzarino July 27, 2012 at 3:53 am - Reply

    Love to try these sticks ! I heard they are great

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