Cigar Review: Gran Habano STK Zulu Zulu Habano

Cigar Review: Gran Habano STK Zulu Zulu Habano

In keeping with our Gran Habano coverage we are taking a look at the STK Zulu Zulu habano (red box) today. When we broke the story on Zulu Zulu earlier this year we showed some of the artwork that Gran Habano was going to be utilizing in their box art and factory art. The art in question depicted children soldiers in a silhouette format and raised quite a stir amongst many. Chiefly it was labeled as “insensitive” and “inappropriate.” Gran Habano maintains that it wasn’t meant to be inflammatory, but rather an important reminder of the struggles many face in the brutalized war torn regions of Africa. Part of the proceeds from this special and limited STK line are being donated to the Invisible Children Charity fund. So whether you like the art or consider it distasteful, I believe the one thing that most can agree upon is that its for a good cause and the bigger bonus of course is that the Zulu Zulu is a pretty darn good cigar!

The Zulu Zulu comes in two varieties the Zulu Zulu blue box, which is an Ecuadorian wrapped cigar, and the red box, which is a Habano wrapped cigar.  The red-boxed habano is the Zulu Zulu we are looking at today and it is a Nicaraguan puro with some great flavor. According to Gran Habano the Zulu Zulu blends went through some minor tweaking after the IPCPR, so the final blend composition is a little bit of a secret, so that is about all I could glean from them at the time of this going to press.

What I can tell you is that upon inspecting the cigar I found a foot that bore the typical barnyard scent and clipped the cap to reveal a draw with a slight, but smooth resistance. Having smoked the Ecuadorian Connecticut before, I can say that the habano is definitely a horse of a different color. For starters the habano starts off with a noticeable spice that transitions eventually into a sweeter note that is reminiscent of both leather and floral touches. The cigar definitely is creamy like its blue counterpart, but with a substantial gain in the strength department.

The midpoint and final third of the cigar are consistent with a creamy profusion of smoke that is almost cinnamon like in taste. Every once in a while there is a subtle touch of leather and nuttiness that creeps in, but sweetness and strength are the constants of this cigar. Overall the Zulu Zulu habano is quite possibly my favorite release from Gran Habano to date. Often I find Gran Habano to be nice, but not typically my favorite type of cigar. The Habano Zulu Zulu on the other hand finds a wonderful balance in being spicy yet sweet, creamy and yet strong. It is a cigar of contrasts and is well worth the modest six to seven dollar price point it commands in the local market. So whether you want to smoke a great cigar or just contribute to a great cause the Zulu Zulu habano is a cigar that should be visited by all who enjoy a fine cigar of balance and contrast with medium body strength.

Size: 6 x 50

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder/ Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-medium +


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