Cigar News: Emilio Cigars to Rename Grimalkin to La Musa

Cigar News: Emilio Cigars to Rename Grimalkin to La Musa

Today on Gary Griffith’s blog, the creative mind behind the Emilio Grimalkin and AF lines, he announced that he would be changing the name of his much hearalded Grimalkin line to that of La Musa. The following is his articulation on why the change has occurred and when an official release for these lines can be expected.

“I once made a cigar named Grimalkin. I named it this for a variety of reasons, not least among which was that it was a really cool name I’d discovered years ago, and just wanted to use for something. Today it changes.

I settled on this name for the cigar because the person it was named for enchanted me, and I used the theme of the eyes because those did as well. But I was always a bit uncomfortable about what subsequent line extensions would be called, and could never quite pull the whole theme together, despite my best efforts. My rather crude attempts to express this with the band drew criticism in the marketplace…. and I listened.

A few weeks ago an opportunity presented itself to rethink the whole line, and in the end this proved to be a blessing, as the new name fits magically.

The new name is La Musa by Emilio Cigars. Why? Because much as the muses were inspirational to the ancient Greeks  the person to whom this line of cigars is dedicated inspires me in a multitude of ways. 

The blend remains the same. The factory remains the same.

Beyond that, there are a whole array of reasons I could give as to why this happened, but those really don’t matter. What matters most is that this line of cigars continues to exist, and serve the purpose for which it was intended ; to be an exquisite representation of the art of cigar making, and to enable a lovely young friend to achieve her dreams.

The box shape will remain unchanged, but we’ve added a few things to give it more eye appeal. The new band has a Greek theme in keeping with the origin of the muses. The original Grimalkin cigar will now be known simply as “La Musa.”  The additional 3 forthcoming blends in this line, all produced in the same factory, will be named after the 3 Plutarchian muses – Melete, Aoide, and Mneme.  The first of these will be released at IPCPR this summer.” 

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