Cigar Brief Holiday Gift Guide for 2012

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift Guide for 2012

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Tis’ the Season to buy gifts! As the great consumerism beast known as the Holiday Season starts to wake up from its slumber, its time to start thinking about what gifts you need to get for that special man in your life. Well, we here at Cigar Brief have put together our Cigar Brief Holiday Gift Guide for 2012, a collective list of some of our “wants” this season, and have provided you with a breakdown of  some of the top items you should be thinking about when out fighting the teeming masses. The list is in no particular order, other than that it goes by contributor and we would like to state that these are items we have come up with on our own and not some list  that was given to us by the vendors who wanted to participate. Also worth mentioning is the giveaway we will be having for one of the Intoxicases mentioned below, here. So without further adieu, the list:

Paul’s Picks:

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift

Beer Buckle:

Ba BAM!!!  When Santa is delivering toys to all the good girls and boys, he needs to keeps his hands free. Enter the “BevBuckle” from! Fold the front of the buckle down and a ring pops up to hold your can or bottle or whatever else fits. $34.99-$74.99, custom designs a possibility as well.

Gift Certificates:

For the cigar aficionado on your list, the best gift just might be a gift certificate to his local, brick and mortar cigar shop. They’ll get to pick out exactly what they want and you’ll help out a small business (the backbone of our economy) which will make you feel good about yourself! There is no substitute for the knowledge, expertise and personal service provided by your local tobacconist. In Arizona I selfishly and shamelessly recommend Big Sticks Fine Cigars in Mesa!

i’m Watch:

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftThe i’m watch is simply badass! i’m Watch connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth™ and delivers to your wrist, calls, text messages, emails, notifications, music, agenda, weather forecasts, pictures and any other app you desire. Intelligent and ergonomic,with a soft and elegant silhouette and a curvedHD touchscreen: i’m Watch is so fast and easy to use that it will leave everything else behind. i’m Watch: the whole world around your wrist.

According to i’m Watch’s site, “i’m Watch connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth™ and delivers to your wrist, calls, text messages, emails, notifications, music, agenda, weather forecasts, pictures and any other app you desire.”

Gregg’s Pics

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift GuideThe Smokin’ Book of Cigar Box Art and Designs by John Grossman (Fox Chapel Publishing)

This is a fun book to look through time and time again. It contains some of the most beautiful and fascinating lithographed images ever printed on cigar box labels. With topics like transportation, sports figures, women, and politics–you’ll have a glimpse into a bygone era when the cigar box was the king of the advertising industry. The gorgeous detailed work shown in this book will amaze you.

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift

Wine aerator

An aerator’s purpose is to expand the surface area of wine, which allows the air to mingle with it. Aerators force air to be circulated throughout it, the end result is a wine with an expanded aromatic profile and/or softer tannins.  A handy aerator will easily do the trick in minutes.  You can pay $5.00 up to $50.00 for an aerator.  Any makes a beautiful gift.

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftGolf Bag Cigar Humidor

For the golf lover what better way to transport your sticks then in a small humidified golf bag with a pouch for all your accessories.  A number are available with varying cost.


Jay’s Picks

Cigar Brief Holiday Gift

The Book Safe

Ever been halfway through a book that never seems to end and wish the pages were filled with glorious alcohol instead of boring old words.  Well here you go, and believe me, buying the Book Safe is far easier than attempting to do this yourself.  The Book Safe is handmade and all books are either black or red, and a thesaurus, or a dictionary.

Zippo Hand Warmer

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftEssentially, the Zippo Hand Warmer is a modified version of a Zippo lighter which can slide into its included fleece bag and keep your fingers from freezing solid and snapping off while your outside enjoying your next smoke.  The Zippo Hand Warmer is available in chrome or black and produces 10 times as much heat as disposable hand warmers without a flame.



Anthony’s Picks

Citizen Proximity Watch:

With the digital age many tools of the past have started to become obsolete. Watches in general have been less of a necessity with the advent of the cell phone, but now Citizen is giving you a new reason to get invested in a watch again.

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftThe proximity watch is a mix of all the classic traits you have come to appreciate in a perpetual calendar chronograph, but they have added a bluetooth component. Unlike the i’m Watch above, the proximity watch by citizen is a little less conspicuous with the technology it employs. In the case of the Proximity watch, the bluetooth is used by the watch to vibrate when phone calls, messages, or texts are coming through. It also has a neat function that allows you to find your phone if you should lose it, by remotely triggering a beeping system. At a cost of around $495.00 its not the cheapest device on the market, but is that really what your looking for when your making a fashion statement? (If you are looking for this watch this holiday season, then we recommend you check out our friends over at AZ Fine Time)


The Great American Beer Festival was an awesome experience! Not only did it yield a whole lot of new beers for us to fall in love with, but it also introduced us to some new gadgets as well. One gadget we fell in love with was the iPhone case, the Intoxicase.

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftIntoxicase is essentially a iPhone case that protects your iPhone and has a fully functional bottle opener on the back side of the case. There are two different models so far, the Intoxicase and Intoxicase Plus, which is more of a deluxe version. Also hitting the market is their newest model, the Intoxicase five, which fits the new iPhone 5. Every Intoxicase comes with a functional opener and a free app you can download from the iPhone App Store. The app senses your bottle cracking skills and then keeps a running tally of how many beers you have opened in your session. The best part about that is that you can track how many and what type of beer you are drinking, and also how drunk you are throughout any given session. Our only wish about this app is that it would ultimately tie into Untappd, so we could better catalog our drinking experiences. For a paltry sum of $35.00-45.00 you can be cracking bottles in style this Holiday season!

Lighters (S.T. Dupont & Xikar):

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftA Holiday Gift Guide from Cigar Brief would not be complete without one of our favorite Accessories: the Lighter. In the world of lighters there are many excellent choices, but two stand out to us this Holiday season. The first is S.T. Dupont, a brand that really needs no introduction. They are the purveyors of fine flame that are functional, but also decadent. An S.T. Dupont is not cheap and many of the finer pieces go for several hundred dollars or more, but once again its all about the statement. With a highly recognizable “ping” sound when they are opened, the Dupont lighter is a magnet of excess and indulgence.

Cigar Brief Holiday GiftXikar on the other hand makes the cut because they are the ultimate “peace of mind lighter.” With many designs and styles to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with a Xikar. Almost all of their main lines come in under a hundred dollars or less, but perhaps the main sale point on them is that they have a lifetime guarantee. In other words, if you break your lighter, which is bound to happen eventually due to wear and tear, then when that fateful day comes, you can take your Xikar lighter down to your local cigar shop, that carries them, and switch it out over the counter. For the savvy shopper that is simply a deal you can’t pass up! For a great deal on a Xikar lighter in AZ or basic S.T. Dupont, check out our friends at Big Sticks Fine Cigars.

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