Cigar News: Quesada Announces Q d’etat Howitzer

Cigar News: Quesada Announces Q d’etat Howitzer

Quesada Announces Q d’etat Howitzer

Cigar News: Quesada Announces Q d'etat Howitzer

Courtesy of Dan Reeve’s Twitter Post

You heard it hear first! It was announced today during a tour of the Matasa Factory that Quesada’s Q d’etat will be appearing in a 6×60 format and going by the moniker, The Howitzer.

Update: According to some additional information that is coming out of ProCigar, the Howitzer will be released in time for memorial day and will be like the molotov in that it will include a registration card for the CRA and will be limited to a run of a thousand boxes of 10. Expected MSRP is $9.50 a stick, with a box price of $95.00.

Update 2: I was able to confirm this morning that the blend of the Howitzer will be a Dominican Puro, and will either be comprised of an identical or at least similar blend to the one used in the Molotov.




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  1. acigarsmokerpeter February 27, 2012 at 7:46 am - Reply

    Interesting. I love the name, and I’m still enjoying my quesada tributos and oktoberfests, can’t wait to try a howitzer.
    Peter G

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