Aiming High: Tatuaje’s Avion Soars Above the Rest!

Aiming High: Tatuaje’s Avion Soars Above the Rest!

There is no question that Pete Johnson and the guys at Tatuaje know how to blend a great cigar. They are constantly working not only on their new blends, but their concepts and images for the blends as well. From Tatuaje’s “Monster Series” to their Ernest Hemingway tribute “Old Man and the C,” there is a wide variety of interesting themes being put forth by Tatuaje. One of my favorite references comes in their new Fausto lines. Christopher Marlowe’s Faust, is a tale about the tragic protagonist who sells his soul to the devil for riches, earthly power, and his carnal desires. Fausto, therefore is an apt moniker for the Avion Fausto and Fausto lines. For afterall, Pete surely must have signed a deal with Mephistophilis himself to create such a bold flavor bomb as the Avion and Fausto lines.

Today’s review focuses on the more ethereal of the two, the Avion line. Prepare to take your senses on a magical flight. In fact this bold cigar is so flavorful, it is perhaps one of my favorite cigars of the year. I had been hearing some great buzz on this cigar, when I went to pick up a couple of them at my local B&M. The first thing you need to know about this cigar is that it only comes in one format, the 11. The 11 is a handsome looking cigar with minimal veins, a smooth wrapper, and only a slight oily sheen.

The pre-light draw reveals one of the most effortless and smooth draws I have ever had. I would say it’s quite possibly the perfect draw (I certainly have never had one like it before). The note off the cold foot is one of cedar, and as I light the cigar it quickly changes to one of hickory.

Imagine a wood-fired BBQ with your favorite pulled pork and the flavor of the Avion is really close to that. It’s wild and delicious. The first quarter and well up to the midpoint is the hickory flavor with a very mild back spice. I’ll be honest when I say that, I almost left the spice part out, because it really is so subtle and such a back seat note to the hickory flavor, one can almost completely fly right past it. The midpoint and final third are really the same in their floral and cedar interchange. Both notes vie for front billing in a pleasant war of the palate.

Throughout the smoking experience of both cigars I had no burn issues, draw issues, or construction issues. As I stated above the draw was about as perfect as they come. The ash too was of solid construction and was a tight dark grey ash that rested firmly on the cigar until it was ready to be dusted off. I know this review is overwhelmingly positive, so take it with a grain of salt, but for my palate and taste preferences the Avion soars far above the competition. I rarely ever purchase a full box of any given cigar, but I would definitely make an exception for this cigar. The Avion is full of flavor, amazingly well constructed, and different. Take into account that this was made in the My Father Factory and it seems even more astonishing. Don’t get me wrong My Father and Pepin put out some great cigars, but they all tend to really taste the same. Pete Johnson must have signed a Faustian contract with Mephistophilis himself, because he has essentially found the alchemist’s ambition of turning lead into gold. Only in Tatuaje’s case, they were able to take a factory that is known for producing a particular profile and turn it into a cigar goldmine by creating something completely unique and wonderful! So if you are looking for a medium bodied flavor bomb of hickory, floral, and cedar notes, then jet over to your local B&M today, and snatch up a few of these cigars before they disappear like Amelia Earhart!

Rating: 9.5

Strength: Medium +

Price: $8.xx-10.xx (depending on state you reside in)

Size: 11 (box-pressed perfecto)




  1. Dave August 3, 2011 at 8:58 am - Reply

    Could not agree more. Avion is really a wonderful surprise.

  2. Lee August 7, 2011 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Avion is a dream of a cigar that I’m afraid I’ll wake and never find it again…Glad that I’m not alone in my, and I do not casually use this word, Love for this cigar.

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