A Heavenly Connecticut-Ashton Cabinet No.6

A Heavenly Connecticut-Ashton Cabinet No.6

Editor’s Note: This review ran on our sister site a few years ago and is being brought out as a tribute to a great cigar! I had one again this week, as I have had one many times over the years, and this time it prompted me to run this article again for the audiences that might not be so familiar with this hallowed cigar!

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Shade
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: No. 6 (5.5×52)
Strength: Mild-Medium

In my long history of smoking cigars I will never forget my first Ashton Cabinet. It was my first foray into a higher priced stick, and boy what an entrance into the next tier! As a cigar novice, one often wonders what sets apart a five dollar stick, and a ten dollar stick, and at the time I was one, but after that day I knew.

From the website: “The Ashton Cabinet is the “White Burgundy” of cigars. “White Burgundy” gets its rich complex taste from the soil and aging of the grape in French oak barrels. The Cabinet’s 4 to 5 year old Dominican filler blend has a rich, complex and well rounded taste. The extraordinary Connecticut shade wrapper is aged for an extra year and has an elegant palamino color resulting in a smooth and creamy flavor. The Ashton Cabinet includes no less than six different tobaccos and ends with a “big finish.” Seven years pass from seedling to finished cigar before Ashton Cabinet is brought to fruition and presented for your smoking pleasure.”

Construction: The Ashton Cabinet number 6 is a blend steeped in tradition and pride. It is one of the main arsenal of the Ashton line, and it reflects the artisan tobacconists’ love for developing a great cigar. Each cabinet has a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper of a golden hue, nestled within its binder is no less than six different blends of fine tobacco. Ashton understands patience is a virtue, and any great product worth producing takes time to get to its ultimate fruition. The cigar is from seed to finish a seven year product. The cap is of a solid design and can easily be punched or cut, I would recommend a punch.

Draw: Simply put the draw is an effortless draw that pulls out voluminous amounts of smoke at every delightful inhalation.

Burn: The burn is another testament to the craftsmanship of the Ashton Cabinet. It is one of the most evenly burned cigars that I have ever done. In all my many occurrences of smoking the Ashton Cabinet, I have never had a bad burning stick. The ash is a solid grey and will continue to build until you are ready to dust it off.


Flavor: I’ve always appreciated the unique taste of the Ashton Cabinet. It is a type of taste that reminds one of wood, and campfire overtones. The following descriptor is not the most erudite in saying that it is toasty, but its certainly more apt to describe the Ashton Cabinet as a flavorful cigar that reminds one of eating a lightly singed smores marshmallow. If your not a fan of a lightly singed marshmallow, then this stick might not be for you, but if you are, than this cigar is a wonderful treat all the way through.

Overall Opinion: The Ashton is a wonderfully crafted mid-range smoke. It is a mild treat, that has a wonderful even burn and an easy draw. It is close to the super premium range in craftsmanship and taste, without the often heavy price tag. So if you are looking for a wonderful stick in the ten dollar price range, then the Ashton Cabinet reigns king in this category. Mark Twain often waxed eloquent on how the Mississippi River would bring him back to his brightest and most fond memories, to me the Ashton Cabinet will always stand out as a smoke that represents the artisan craftsmanship that makes cigar smoking such a joy and pleasure to me.


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