A Brief Review on the A Fuente Short Story Maduro

A Brief Review on the A Fuente Short Story Maduro

I could wax eloquent about the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro, but I think I’m going to keep this article in the spirit of the master of word economy, Ernest Hemingway and write a short story instead of a novel. What makes the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro so special? The very same thing that makes diamonds valuable, a tightly controlled production market which determines it’s value.

Now, is the Maduro short story the lost ambrosia from the God’s? Not really, but it’s pretty tasty. The Maduro short story is a rarity, because the only way one can get their hot hands on this limited run of a thousand boxes is to have placed an order of twenty or more boxes with Fuente. My local B&M, Fox Cigar Bar in Gilbert, AZ is one such store lucky enough to be bestowed with the Short Story Maduro.

So onto the Cigar! The A Fuente Short Story Maduro perfecto is wrapped elegantly in a connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper that snugly holds a tightly packed Dominican binder and Dominican filler cigar (the very same binder and filler use in regular production short stories). There are minimal veins on the oily wrapper and cutting the cap reveals a smooth draw with light resistance. The flavor profile of the Short Story Maduro is as predictable as the setting and denouement are to any classic plot line. It starts with leather notes transitions to floral and subdued leather notes in the middle and finishes with a strong leather note. The two I smoked both tended to go this way, and were pleasant, but predictable.

So in the end is searching the ends of the earth for one of these rarities worth it? Depends on if you like floral and leather in a diminutive package. I enjoyed both of them, but they are definitely not Fuente’s Magnus Opus. Needless to say, they are fun, different, and rare, so if you stumble across them they would be a fun little treat. I also suspect that with some age, they could become real gems. So if you are a collector or enthusiast of all things Fuente than trot on down to your local B&M and see if you too can find the White Whale known as the A Fuente Short Story Maduro!

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