Vinzelo Tawny Port: The Everyday Port

Vinzelo Tawny Port: The Everyday Port

This excellent addition to one’s evening smoke delivers a sweet complimentary note that helps elevate nearly any cigar.  Quinta de Ventozelo is one of the oldest and largest properties in the Douro Region of Portugal, whose cognomen is the key factor in whether or not a wine can be branded a port. Vinzelo is considered by many in Portugal to be their most valued brand so it is an everyday port which is fairly easy to find and relatively inexpensive.  At first glance the maturated mixture is a very dark ruby color.  What sets a Tawny apart from a ruby port is that it is aged longer in wood barrels which adds flavor and longevity to the life of the wine. The nose has an aromatic scent of raspberry, chocolate and black currant.  Compared to many Tawny’s, this one is definitely very sweet boasting sugary grape notes with hints of vanilla.  With a surprising complexity and a strong sweetness which quickly transforms into a slightly tart finish much like a bold Cabernet might.  Obviously, every house has a different blend and recipe for creating their delicious vinos and the fact that Quinta de Ventozelo has been around since nearly 1806 is a testament to their skill and craft.    Because of its sweetness I wouldn’t recommend pairing the port with anything light and sweet like a Connecticut, but rather pair it with something bold and slightly spicy like a San Latano Maduro or an Ave Maria to round out the palette.  So go now and give this historic blend a chance to become a new favorite in your wine rack and your smoking table!


Price: Price: $12.XX

Characteristics: Sweet grape notes with hints of vanilla

Verdict: Buy Now!

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