Tait: The Ball Buster

Tait: The Ball Buster

Allow me to introduce you to one amazing wine, that is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering. Tait: The Ball Buster  is one of the best selling Australian wines for under $20, it comes in a screw top, and it has never been rated less then 90 pts for the last 8 years! If those facts and the badass name don’t get people talking – then you need to kick them out and make new friends!

The Ball Buster is Syrah/Shiraz from Barossa Valley, Australia and created from 73% Shiraz, 15% Merlot and 12% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a very deep black purple with the smell of berries, subtle spices and earth. The deep berries are in the forefront of the flavor and there is a lingering sweetness that keeps your palate interested. It pairs really well with all kinds of meets and cheese.

Take the time to visit the Tait Wines website and read their story of how the name came about. It’ll certainly make you laugh and give you some fuel for the conversation that is going to erupt as soon as the bottle comes out!

Price: $16-20.00

Characteristics: Dynamic fruits, spices, and earth with a sweet and rounded finish.

Verdict: Buy Now!

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