Suntory Whisky Proudly Marks Its 90th Anniversary

Suntory Whisky Proudly Marks Its 90th Anniversary

Suntory Whisky Proudly Marks Its 90th Anniversary

Suntory Whisky Proudly Marks Its 90th AnniversaryThis month honors, The House of Suntory Whisky, which proudly marks its 90th anniversary of whisky making. Few companies throughout history have virtually redefined an entire culture like Suntory.  It has been 90 years since the founding father, Shinjiro Torii, built the first whisky distillery in Yamazaki, Japan in 1923, and the innovative idea of the “art of whisky making” was born. Since their humble beginnings, the House of Suntory has grown to include three incredibly popular luxury brands – The Yamazaki, The Hakushu single malts, and the world renowned blend, Hibiki – all of which have gone on to earn high praise and global success.

Here’s 90 years worth of distilling highlights  about their award-winning whisky.

Suntory– 1923 – Shinjiro Torii, established Japan’s first distillery in Yamazaki on the periphery of Kyoto

– 1973 – Torii’s son, Keizo Saji, completes Suntory’s second distillery, Hakushu

– 2002 – Shingo Torii, grandson of Shinjiro Torii is named the current Master Blender of the House, and continues to perfect the quality of Suntory’s Japanese Whisky.

– 2012 – Suntory achieves global accomplishment, when named Distiller of the Year for the third time in three years.

– 2012 – Suntory’s marks impressive global growth of shipments: The Yamazaki increased by 24% and The Hakushu increased by a remarkable 187%

– 2013 and on – Looking to the future, Suntory plans to strengthen their global presence by expanding to new markets, talking to new customers, and proposing new ways of enjoying their whisky.

Amazing StatuesIn 2013 and 2014, Suntory will be investing approximately 5 Billion Yen (US$50 Million) to increase productivity at the Yamazaki Distillery and the Ohmi Aging Cellars. This expansion and investment is to meet the increasing demand globally for Suntory whisky, specifically, in the US and UK.


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