Samuel Adams Black Lager: Another Stable Winner

Samuel Adams Black Lager: Another Stable Winner

Seasons come and seasons go, that particular fact never really bothered me until I realized I couldn’t find any Samuel Adam’s Black Lager on any of my local retail stores shelves.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to come across this incarnation of Sam Adams, do yourself a favor and go hunt it down.  This is, without a doubt, one fantastic brew.  Sam Adams describes this blend as being a truly dark blend. In fact, according to their info the “schwarzbier, which literally translates to “Black Beer,” possesses a wildly new profile that should excite any full bodied beer drinker.  “Unlike its dark cousins which are ales hailing from Britain, schwarzbier comes from Germany and uses a bottom fermenting lager yeast.”  This results in a smooth body and creamy roast malt finish that produces a fantastic profile that has to be tried in order to be believed.  It projects delicious caramel and chocolate notes that seem familiar when compared to their chocolate bock. I assure you that unlike the bock, it finishes with a crisp and clean finish that somehow seems out of place in this dark of a brew.  This particular beer is a real testament to the creative and amazing award winning beers that seem to endlessly pour from the ludicrously varied vats within the Sam Adams factory!

Price: Price: $8.XX

Characteristics: Strong Caramel and Chocolate notes with a perfect finish.

Verdict: Buy Now!

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