Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Announced

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Announced

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Announced


LAWRENCEBURG, KY (February 20th, 2013) – When it comes to whiskey making in the United States, Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie are America’s bourbon aristocracy. After an incredible 90 years combined experience distilling award-winning whiskey, the two are rolling out one of their richest and most flavorful bourbons to date: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

This much anticipated bottling at a take-no-prisoners 110 proof is non-chill filtered, resulting in an unparalleled burst of flavor in every sip. As the crowning glory of America’s famed Wild Turkey bourbon family, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel promises to not only be the choice for bourbon connoisseurs, but it will also be what Jimmy and Eddie reach for time and time again. As they say in Lawrenceburg, “Our experience guarantees yours.”

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel BourbonWhat makes Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel unique is not only its high proof, but the fact that the whiskey bypasses the chill-filtration process. Chill-filtration is a common process whereby the whiskey is chilled at temperatures below freezing and is passed through an absorption filter thus removing fatty acids and other flavor contributors such as esters and proteins. By avoiding the chill-filtration process, the whiskey is bottled with more flavor compounds and a deeper color which is denoted by an impressive haze when ice or chilled water is added.

Every expression of Russell’s Reserve – both the Bourbon and rye Whiskey – is matured in only the deepest number 4 or “alligator” charred American white oak barrels to ensure the richest flavor and color. Jimmy and Eddie insist on this char level and are among only a handful of whiskey distillers who use it. The best aged whiskey barrels are hand selected by this legendary pair themselves and only from the center cut of the rick house – since that’s where the optimal maturation occurs. Adamant about quality, the Russell’s will only use the natural, weather-driven process for maturation – never air conditioned or heated “because it’s the right thing to do.”

“This is Bourbon at its best,” declares Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller. “What is incredibly special about the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is that each barrel has its own personality, but still captures the rich, creamy toffee vanilla style of Russell’s Reserve. This bottling celebrates what we love about Russell’s Reserve, but takes it to another level.” Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel delivers a burst of intense vanilla and hints of burnt orange, along with tastes licorice and anise seed, on the palate, culminating with a rich and long finish. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel (750ml) will be available nationwide at specialist liquor stores priced at $49.99. It will also be available in select bars and restaurants specializing in fine whiskies.

About Russell’s Reserve

Russell’s Reserve Single BarrelMaster Distiller, Jimmy Russell has been making bourbon in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky for more than 58 years and has joined the ranks of the greats when it comes to his uncompromising craftsmanship. Working alongside him is his son, Associate Master Distiller, Eddie, a relative newcomer with 32 years under his belt. Together they create the acclaimed Russell’s Reserve 10 Years Old small batch Kentucky straight bourbon and 6 Years Old Rye. Jimmy has worked at the distillery since 1954 and his devotion to his whiskey making runs in the family blood. His grandfather worked in the distilling business, as did his father before him. His son Eddie Russell now follows in his footsteps. Russell’s Reserve is testimony to the uncompromising approach that comes with over 90 years of combined experience.

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