Mixin’ it Up: The Blackberry Mojito

Mixin’ it Up: The Blackberry Mojito

Although the exact origin of the mojito is unknown, there are quite a few legends and rumors surrounding its creation. It has been said that the beverage was invented by african slaves who worked the sugarcane fields in the early 1800’s Cuba. While others have speculated that the drink was first created by the famed English Privateer Sir Francis Drake. Either way, the mojito is a fine cuban cocktail that is equally refreshing and delicious and a favorite of the literary giant Ernest Hemingway. The following recipe is my take on the blackberry mojito. (you can also mix it up by substituting raspberries, or blueberries as well.)  You will need:


5 blackberries (one for garnish)
3 limes wedges (one for garnish)
5 sprigs of mint
3 sugar cubes
1 and a half ounces of light rum
club soda to fill
ice to fill

Mixing it:
Muddle the sugar, limes , blackberries and a tablespoon of the club soda in a collins or highball glass
add the ice to fill
and then the rum
fill with club soda
stir (sorry Mr. Bond!)
and garnish with the lime wedge and blackberry.


-Jake (Your Five-Diamond Resort Bartender)

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