Milk Stout: A Rich Brew for all to Enjoy!

Milk Stout: A Rich Brew for all to Enjoy!

In my opinion there is nothing quite as lovely as a rich stout. A few weeks ago I was at my local Total Wine looking for a new beer to try and my eye was drawn to the vibrant branding of the Left Hand Brewing Company. Every one of their beers was bedecked in bright colors and wild designs that inevitably drew the shopper in for a closer inspection. Of course a bright badge does not mean that a particular beer is good, but in this case it got me to consider them, and what an excellent choice that was!

Left Hand Brewing Company is a rapidly growing craft-beer brewery out of Longmont Colorado. Left Hand started out as a collaboration between two beer enthusiasts (Dick Doore & Eric Wallace) and a home-brewing kit. Soon after they got together, they decided to make beer a full-time passion, and bought an old meat packing plant and converted it into a brewery. The rest as they say is history and the company only grew from there!

Today’s beer from Left Hand is their milk stout. This brew is aptly named for its fusion of a traditional stout with the additives of milk and sugar. It would seem like an odd combination at first, but it really works well for this beer. The milk stout has the dark rich characteristics of many types of stout, but then it also has the smooth sweeter edges of the milk and sugar combined with a velvety texture that only pro-brewers know how to develop. It all mixes together to create a brew that lacks the usual bitterness of a stout, and instead creates a chocolaty sweet confection that has some mild bitter chocolate notes, but ultimately is ultra smooth and tasty.

I love stouts, but some times the bitterness can be a bit much, this beer definitely is not in that category. It is a rich brew with great flavor and complexity! So if you are looking for a new brew to try, then I highly recommend the Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing.


Format: Six-pack or singles (depending on location)

Price: 7.xx-9.xx per six-pack

Characteristics: Chocolaty with some slight bitter notes and a sweet finish.

Verdict: Buy Now!


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