Lagunitas Tasting at Boulder’s On Broadway

Lagunitas Tasting at Boulder’s On Broadway

Lagunitas Tasting at Boulder’s On Broadway

Lagunitas LineupFor our last Monday night meeting, the CB staff was invited to take part in a special Lagunitas tasting event held at Boulder’s On Broadway.  If you’re unfamiliar with Boulder’s and live in the Phoenix area, you need to get familiar.  Boulder’s On Broadway is the premier craft beer bar in the valley and offers an ever-changing menu of rare and ultra-rare craft beers that you will likely never see anywhere else.

The folks at Lagunitas really outdid themselves bringing a varied selection of 9 craft brews to the event.   Here’s a brief look at the types of beer available and my notes from the event:

Cappuccino Stout – Brewed using coffee from California, this seasonal stout is sweet and has a strong profile with a smooth finish (29 IBU’s) and roasted fruit notes.

Imperial Stout – This powerful stout is available year round.  Its mild nose hides the bold and rich Imperial profile contained within.

Lagunitas Sucks – Monikered to describe the emotions of long time Lagunitas fans who are disappointed when their favorite seasonal brew doesn’t make it to store shelves, the Sucks is a holiday ale with a piney hop front and a moderately bitter finish (63.25 IBU’s).

Pilsner – This 6.2% golden pilsner has a super bright nose and a slightly bitter finish.  Although the malt is rich the body of the pilsner is refreshing and light.

Daytime IPA – This is a must try.  The Daytime is a dry hopped IPA that won’t level your palette at first sip.  The freshness of the aromas emanating from the beer is impressive and the finish is inordinately clean.  Simply the best everyday IPA I’ve had this season and almost sessionable with it’s low 4.5% ABV .

IPA – The traditional IPA has a moderate nose with a bit of a “skunky” IPA aroma.  The 6.2% IPA is dark gold in color, and shows off the large amounts of malt used during brewing.  All that malt gives the IPA a slightly sweet finish that balances and rounds out the beer.

Brown Sugga – A crowd favorite, the 9.9% brown sugar based brew is a must buy.  While brewing their Narley wine, Lagunitas brewmaster’s used the wrong grain called for in the recipe.  In an attempt to save the batch, 3 pallets of brown sugar were added giving birth to one of their most popular brews.

Maximus – A year round double IPA that’s perfect for IPA beginners.  Like many Lagunitas beers, the Maximus is brewed using lots of malt in order to balance the bitterness associated with most IPA’s.

Hop-Stupid – So this is the one that’s meant to blow your doors off.  This Imperial IPA has a bright and fresh hop nose with a moderately sweet profile and a strong finish.  At 102 IBU’s, the finish is as long and hoppy as one would expect.


  1. Margaret Buza November 22, 2012 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    Jerry and I need to check this place out some day. Only trouble is, I am the designated driver.

  2. TriMarkC November 29, 2012 at 11:13 am - Reply

    Lagunitas’ Hop Stoopid is an awesome beer, and was the first truly hop-centric beer that I had from which I realized how much I love hoppy beer! Sometimes ya gotta go to extremes!

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