Heavenly Feijoa Tripel – Reminiscent of a Myth

Heavenly Feijoa Tripel – Reminiscent of a Myth

Heavenly Feijoa Tripel – Reminiscent of a Myth

Heavenly Feijoa TripelMost every beer drinker has heard of Lips of Faith; New Belgium shaking things up by collaborating with other brewers to bring new and sometimes wildly different flavors to beer. To be completely honest, not all Lips of Faith brews hit the mark for me, and some are much better than others, but the Heavenly Feijoa Tripel is something else altogether.

New Belgium got with Dieu du Ciel to put together this feijoa and hibiscus laced brew. After some investigation, it turns out that Feijoa is a fruit better known as a pineapple guava (who knew!?). New Belgium describes the beer’s aroma as “luscious and tropical.” They use Belgian yeast, Nelson Sauvin hops, along with hibiscus and feijoa flavors to give the concoction what they call “a sweet fruit taste, mild spicy tones and a sharp bite” and the color “an ambrosial quality” (which apparently means a fairly dark amber). ABV clocks in @ 9.4%.

Blah blah blah… But what does this carbonated concoction really taste like and why the bizarre title about a myth? Bistro 8, that’s why.

Jay and I happened upon a New Belgium event at our local cigar brick and mortar and discovered the recently released Heavenly Feijoa Tripel. Taking in the Feijoa’s dynamic aroma revealed the scent of grapes, grapefruit, hops, and a heavy citrus note that stood out amongst the rest. With my interest piqued I took a sip… and instantly, the Feijoa Tripel had my attention!

Bistro 8 Post Pic Heavenly Feijoa TripelI began to comment to Jay about my impression, but thought, “Nahh, it can’t be. Let’s see what Jay thinks.” Jay took in the nose on his glass, and we bantered about grapefruit versus grapes (I hate grapefruit so I was in a bit of denial), and as casually as I could muster exclaimed, “take a sip and tell me what it tastes like to you.”

“Bistro 8!!”

We were stunned. Here we were with a reasonable replica of that hint of a myth. A phoenix rising again (oh please someone kill me for all the melodrama!).

No really… they taste so much alike it’s astounding. The effervescence was similar. The palette cleansing effects, the rich fruitiness that doesn’t oversaturate but leaves you wanting more; all there. If you were bummed that you missed out on the Bistro 8 from our previous write up, give the Heavenly Feijoa Tripel by Lips of Faith a try. None of us here at Cigar Brief thought we’d ever come across something that was as unique or tasty as that rare brew.  Thankfully, we were wrong.

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