Guinness Foreign Extra: A Beast Of A Brew

Guinness Foreign Extra: A Beast Of A Brew

Any legitimate beer consumer knows about the rich and creamy profile that Guinness boasts; and just when you think you have a grasp on that traditional brew, the geniuses over at St. James Gate throw a new blend into the mix.  What many consumers are not aware of is the fact that Guinness makes several specialized versions of its renowned brand name product that can only be purchased in particular parts of the world like Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. fortunately for us, Foreign Extra is now available here in the U.S.  Nothing in the Guinness stables compares in complexity and raw strength to the Guinness Foreign Extra, which trust me, is one potent beer.  It is brewed with extra hops and roasted barley producing a bitter sweet profile that will definitely get your attention.  It boasts powerful coffee notes with the rich malty fullness found in their Draught.  Compared to all its barley based brethren, what’s truly surprising is the alcohol content.  At 7.5 percent alcohol by volume, this beer is the resident beast of the Guinness family.   One surprising fact is that the alcohol content of the Foreign Extra varies depending on which country it is released in.  It is sold in China at 5 percent, Jamaica at 6.5 percent, Malaysia at 6.8 percent and 8 percent alcohol by volume in Singapore.  If you’re a dark beer fan and you’re looking for something a bit more exotic then you’re typical stout then look no further and sample the wonderful brew that is Guinness’s bigger, stronger incarnation today.

Price: Price: $9.XX for 4 12oz

Characteristics: Fantastic bittersweet coffee notes with a malty finish

Verdict: Buy Now!


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