DogFish Head Midas Touch: Breaking The Mold

DogFish Head Midas Touch: Breaking The Mold

So it’s not exactly breaking news that the guys over at Dogfish Head continually turn the world of craft beer upside down with the release of any of their wildly strange brews.  One of their most recent mind blowing concoctions is a beer two millennia in the making, the King Midas’ Touch. Midas’ Touch is a brew crafted by the ages and passed down through the hallowed halls of antiquity strait to your frosty chalice.  Arguably, one of the oldest recipe’s for any alcoholic beverage, it is made from brewer’s yeast collected from the Nile River, saffron and honey.  This eccentric recipe is a beer drinker’s Paradise and is so uniquely crafted, that it truly reflects years of research, passion, and expertise not witnessed by the consumer in years.  The flavor is surprisingly less potent then what I assumed it to be considering how dark the brew was and how old the recipe is.  I thought I was going to get an overpowering, almost raw experience, but instead I was treated to a silky smooth profile that is slightly sweet and finishes with a crisp and clean mellowing of flavors.  This is a creation that we, the consumer, have been gifted with by the dedicated and passionate crew at DogFish Head, who took on a challenge of truly epic proportions and succeeded with flying colors.  If you consider yourself an “in-the-know” beer drinker, then this is one blend you must try today!

Price: Price: $4.XX

Characteristics: Slightly sweet that is deep and complex ,but finishes clean.

Verdict: Buy Now!

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