Cazadores Blanco Tequila: A Step Above The Rest

Cazadores Blanco Tequila: A Step Above The Rest

Tequila and I, in general,  have had a serious and tumultuous love hate relationship for well over a decade.  After several seedy and misguided adventures in the beautiful, but equally dangerous country that is Mexico, I had firmly decided that our love affair was doomed to be a war of the roses.  However, all that changed when I found a line of tequila that had firmly separated itself from the pack of typical house tequilas found in cheap bars and many Tex-Mex restaurants.  This particular top-notch spirit is produced by a diligent company that continually produces the creme de la creame of the blue agave scene known as  Cazadores.  Now I’ve been familiar with the Cazadores brand for many years and its fabled reputation by its loyal followers as the “real tequila that the locals drink,” of course, that is when they can afford it, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was not just one incarnation of this wild and legendary spirit, but rather three very distinct variations of blue agave based liquid courage to enjoy.  The one that really knocked my socks off though was the Cazadores Blanco, a perfect combination of sweet, tart and spicy that would compliment any mild to medium body cigar like either the Urbano Connecticut or a San Latano Connecticut.  The Cazadores Blanco offers something that most tequila drinkers may not have found yet, a delicious, smooth and refined flavor that is definitely not inherent in most other tequilas.  It has bold flavors of crisp citrus welded methodically with bright white peppery notes and a smooth finish that should make most other distillers either take notice or be green with envy.  Many companies claim to be passionate about their creations, but Senor Jose Maria’s mythical passion remains unmatched as he supposedly did not rest until he walked through his farm every night wishing everyone of his blue agave plants “goodnight” before he would go to sleep.  Regardless of whether or not the story is true, one thing is for sure, this is a company that believes in tradition and backs it up with excellent quality to create the epitome of its genre.  Trust me when I say,  for comparisons sake forget your previous experiences with tequila and go try this quality incarnation. I’m willing to bet good money it will change you’re opinion of what tequila is and should be.


Price: Price: $24.XX

Characteristics: Bright citrus flavors combined with a sharp white pepper note

Verdict: Buy Now!

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