A Cigars Perfect Complement: Graham’s 10yr Tawny Port

A Cigars Perfect Complement: Graham’s 10yr Tawny Port

Kicking off a weekend by smoking a fine cigar is always good, but doing so with the accompaniment of a fine wine or spirit is truly great.  Next time you go to reach for a well aged scotch or smokey bourbon at your local liquor store, don’t.  Instead break out of your common routine and grab a bottle of Graham’s 10yr Tawny Port.  Once wine meets glass you’ll notice how rich and burgundy this fine concoction of grapes, derived from mostly family owned vineyards, begins to settle.  The second very noticeable trait Graham’s possesses is its nose, a sweet and fruity aroma accompanied by a very strong alcohol scent.  Its flavor is very complex, comprised of a rich and smokey dried plum flavor partnered with hints of vanilla, apricot, raisin and currants. When you have this kind of cacophony of flavors all vying for your attention it is imperative that a great port be properly balanced and rest assured it absolutely is.  Its balance comes from its maturation period where the Tawny is seasoned in oak casks, much like bourbon.  As far as paring is concerned Graham’s has such a powerful profile most mild to medium body cigars wouldn’t stand a chance against its barrage of flavor.  So with that in mind I would suggest something full bodied like either a Padron anniversary 64 or a Fuente Opus X.  The bold profile of both sticks, especially the Opus X for its additional spiciness, would make for a perfect combination of rich, sweet and spicy.  So try something different and let the weekend begin.


Price: Price: $29.99

Characteristics: Mixed dried fruits and smokey notes

Verdict: Buy Now!

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